korinexan® is a leader in industrial process water treatment.
Cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers in accordance with VDI2047-2, of heat exchangers and piping systems.
Full service maintenance & 24/7 online remote system monitoring.
Own product research and manufacturing.

We not only offer you individual services but also comprehensive service packages tailored to your needs.


  • korinexan all-round carefree package
  • korinexan full service maintenance
  • Water treatment
  • Plant cleaning and disinfection
  • Regeneration and desludging of heat exchangers and air coolers using the CIP process
  • Risk assessment according to VDI 2047-2
  • Cleaning and disinfection of recooling plants in accordance with VDI 2047-2
  • Elimination of legionella and pseudomonads
  • Inspection of emergency showers in accordance with DIN 12899
  • Cleaning of trams, trains, airplanes and NATO and Bundeswehr vehicles
  • Creation of a monitoring program, remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair, follow-up checks
  • Avoidance and elimination of hygiene risks
  • Sampling and sample analysis in an efficient, accredited laboratory

Areas of application

Our customers include industry and commercial facilities with high demands on hygiene and the will to save energy.

Your advantages:

Cost savings through the CIP process in your plant,  no transport necessary

Higher efficiency of your system with a significant reduction in CO2

Minimization of performance losses and optimization of the profitability of the systems through sustainable protection, care and maintenance

Security through many years of experience and comprehensive service

Individual advice and services specially tailored to your system and requirements

We clean, maintain and service successfully and efficiently all water-carrying systems in cooling plants, air coolers and air-conditioning systems, as well as condensers, heat exchangers, filters and sieves, reverse osmosis systems and also drinking water systems. We support you in handling oils and cooling lubricants.

Heat exchangers, cooling circuits or pipes block up within a short time due to lime, rust (MIC, microbiological induced corrosion) and process-dependent deposits.

Trained specialists clean, unblock, maintain and disinfect water-bearing or liquid-bearing systems and plants professionally and on-the-spot.

Deposits of all kinds are safely removed with korinexan®‘s own industry-compatible products and processes. Your energy costs fall and a loss of efficiency is noticeably avoided.

The innovative korinexan® industrial program guarantees a noticeable increase in efficiency and increased system availability. The industrial and commercial product range for the metal and machining industry includes highly effective machine cleaners, degreasers and corrosion protection through to cooling lubricants.

korinexan® industrial services … we care!

 korinexan® ist aktives DIN Mitglied